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Allow Same Sex Marriage!!!! Just don’t be gay about it….

Yo peeps, Im not gonna don whatever banner popped up on pinterest this morning just to stay relevant. Marry who you want, gay or straight. The red box of equality, you’re fucking kidding right? It’s a picture and not much more. Symbolism has almost been completely lost since the beginning of this millenium. People choose to wear these things as badges saying, “Hey look at me!!! I care!” your new FB icon isn’t protesting shit! Take off your livestrong braceletes, your array of multicolor ribbons, and just be a good person damn it. On FB you are reaching out to a select number of like minded individuals…. not the masses of people who will disagree when push comes to shove. So the awareness you raise is just again making your friends aware of your actions aka “look what I did.”

T. Necro proudly supports the Gay and Lesbian community and wish them the best in the days to come. We apologize for showing up dressed like us though 🙂

Sick of Girls?

I think im officially done with the show Girls. Besides the fact that this weeks episode was a theatrical explanation for daddy issues… Lena D’s new and exciting efforts to render the male sexual organ permanently flaccid have become stomach turning, and simply sickening. So as I say good bye to a show that I thought had so much promise…. I say damn you Lena D for creating Hipster Drama television, and thank you for redefining the term “Man Boobs.”